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Prayer House and Village churches

Prayer House


Only the last few years we found out why God wanted us to stay in a village. We are 7 km away from Angkor Wat, located on the exact same latitude. The entrance of AW is facing west, facing us, and the initial road to go to AW is straight, reaching our property. Surely God wants us there.

We have 20 to 40 people staying with us. People seeking healing, deliverance or just desiring to know more about Jesus.

Every day we have worship and prayers.

Once a month missionaries gathering

Sunday Church service.

Village Churches


We have 26 village churches in the province of Siem Reap. Some we planted, some joined us.​

10 years ago it was prophesied many times that revival will happen in Siem Reap and will spread to the neighboring countries.

We feel so honored to serve village churches.

God is moving powerfully with signs and wonders.

We visit the churches regularly and gather 3 times a year the pastors and leaders at Prayer House for a time of refreshing and prayers.

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