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Meet The Team


After spending 18 months in Phnom Penh, The Lord put into our hearts to move to Siem Reap. We founded Siem Reap Prayer House in 2012. We are facing directly Angkor What. People hungry for God, people in despair are staying with us. We have averagely 20 to 40 people staying with us.

7 years ago, Rachel join our family as a daughter and she leads today as a pastor SRPH. David join our family as a son 2 years ago. He is an amazing worshipper.

Charlene and Denis Kugler

Founders of SRPH


We are missionaries in Cambodia since April 2010. In 2012 we started Siem Reap Prayer House. Our ministry is a faith ministry. We believe a great awakening is starting in Cambodia. A young generation of Cambodians, having no blood on their hand will usher this awakening.

Rachel Chin

Pastor at SRPH

Rachel joined our family in 2015. Today she is the leading pastor of SRPH. She is 34 years old and is an amazing worshipper and Prayer Warrior.


David von Bastes

Pastor and worship leader at SRPH

David is from the Philippines. Son of missionaries he spent more than 20 years in Cambodia. He is an amazing worshipper and has a heart to bring the younger generation to the Lord. David joined also recently our family as a son.

Residents at the Prayer House


20 to 40 people stay at Prayer house. we serve every month  3000  to 4000 meals to them. They stay for free.

Some come just for their healing, or to pray and seek the Lord. Some come and stay with us to grow in the Lord and start a church when they go back.

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