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Hospital Ministry - Ministry to
the Poor

Hospital Ministry

We started 5 years ago by providing food to the poor at the hospital of Siem Reap, about 30 meals a day. After a few months we started to pray for the sick and share the Gospel.

We had so many healing and more than 500 that believed in Jesus. It is such a fantastic place to evangelize.

Once discharged we helped them to join a church or a fellowship.

Ministry to the Poor

As soon we moved to Cambodia, we realized the level of poverty and believed the Lord called us to minister and help the poor in the slums and villages.

We started in the slums and decided to open a preschool for children aged 3--6. We had about 30 kids for 7 years, but because of Covid we closed it down. We reconsider opening again next year, God willing.

They are also a lot of floods during the raining seasons, and when we can we distribute rice and necessity items. Amazingly in 2020 at the beginning of the pandemic we managed to give 68 tons of rice.

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