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Prayer House

Only the last few years we found out why God wanted us to stay in a village. We are 7 km away from Angkor Wat, located on the exact same latitude. The entrance of AW is facing west, facing us, and the initial road to go to AW...

Village Churches

We have 26 village churches in the province of Siem Reap. Some we planted, some joined us.​

10 years ago it was prophesied many times that revival will happen in Siem Reap... 

Hospital Ministry

We started 5 years ago by providing food to the poor at the hospital of Siem Reap, about 30 meals a day. After a few months we started to pray for the sick and share the Gospel...

Ministry to the Poor

As soon we moved to Cambodia, we realized the level of poverty and believed the Lord called us to minister and help the poor in the slums and villages.

We started in the slums...


Bankrupt for Christ

                    By Charlene Kugler


A failed business. A pile of debts. A failed marriage. My whole world was collapsing when Jesus stepped in.

Instead of delivering me, Jesus allowed me to become bankrupt and I lost everything.

Broken, ashamed, disappointed, confused, afraid and all alone... that's where I found Jesus...

Some testimonies...

Miracle Naomi

Few years ago we heard about a mistreated baby going to die. Her mother, an alcoholic, neglected her. We managed to get custody of her, she was 2 months old and her weight was 1,4 kilos. We called her Naomi. We gave her all the love we could and praise God she survived without side effects into a beautiful little girl. A khmer family adopted her. Thank you Lord for saving her.

Almost dead, healed

As we were walking in a village with a pastor, he mentioned that a grandma was dying in a hut. Charlene entered and prayed for her. Immediately this grandma was well and saw all the evil spirits fleeing. She was immediately healed, believed in Jesus, and gave testimony in 2 churches the next Sunday about her miracle.

Dying near her coffin

One evening we got a call that a lady was dying in a village. I was shocked at the scene. This lady was lying next to her empty coffin.She was not a Christian but Rachel started to sing Christian songs. We prayed for her and left. one week later we return and again worship and pray and brought her to Prayer House. She believed and survived and even prayed for people. Glory to God

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